This Week’s Headteacher Awards

Posted by Grosvenornews on Friday Jul 10, 2020 Under Curriculum

Here are this week’s proud winners. They received a Headteacher’s Award sticker from Mr Pridden in our Zoom Assemblies for a piece of work / activity completed last week in school.

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This week’s learning and Headteacher Awards

Posted by Grosvenornews on Friday Jul 3, 2020 Under Curriculum

This week, Mrs Lomas’ year 2 bubble have been learning about how exercise keeps us healthy. They had to think of 5 exercises that they could do in 1 minute. These exercises could only use the body such as star jumps, run on the spot, press ups or squats. The children timed themselves doing their 5 exercises. – they loved it.

Some of our maths home learning:

Our Headteacher’s Awards

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This week, our Year 5 ‘key worker bubble’ has been learning about the properties of different materials. We took advantage of the sunshine and carried out an investigation outside to find out what happens to some materials when we add water.

We discovered that some materials dissolve in water, meaning that they are soluble and created a new solution. Some materials, like flour, did not dissolve, which makes them insoluble. 

Home Learning

Headteacher’s Awards

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Assembly In School

Posted by Grosvenornews on Friday Jun 19, 2020 Under Curriculum

This week, we held our first ‘Zoom Assembly’ in school!

We joined all our ‘bubbles’ together (on screen) to share and celebrate work completed during the previous week. One piece of work was nominated from each bubble to receive a Headteacher’s Award sticker from Mr Pridden. Please scroll down to see our proud recipients.

Here are our Headteacher Award winners for this week –

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Science Home Learning by Year 3

Posted by Grosvenornews on Friday Jun 12, 2020 Under Curriculum

This week, we would like to celebrate some of the Year 3 Home Learning which has been submitted to teachers on our Google Classrooms.

Last week, Year 3 Children were set a Science task on their ‘classroom’. This was to design and make a  healthy wrap. They could make it into a balanced meal if they wanted to by adding a snack and drink and they were challenged to see if they could include foods from every food group. 

This week, their task has been to create shadows. They were asked to think about how translucent/transparent/opaque objects would create different shadows and also think about how to make shadows bigger and smaller by moving the object closer to/further away from the light source. 

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Learning at Home / Update on our World Record Attempt!

Posted by Grosvenornews on Sunday Jun 7, 2020 Under Curriculum

Here are photographs of some of the excellent learning which has been taking place this week at home
and please scroll down for an update on our Online Art Lesson World Record!

Well done if you were one of the 45,611 people (!) who joined in Rob Biddulph’s Art Lesson on Thursday 21st May. YOU ARE A RECORD BREAKER and you can download your certificate using this LINK.

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This week’s Learning at Home & School

Posted by Grosvenornews on Sunday May 24, 2020 Under Curriculum
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World Record Breaking Artists at Grosvenor Road!

Posted by Grosvenornews on Saturday May 23, 2020 Under Curriculum

On Thursday 21st May, several of our children joined in a world record attempt for the Largest Ever Online Art Lesson with the children’s author and illustrator Rob Biddulph. Whole families also joined in and some of our teachers too!

Here are some of our pictures from the lesson. If you completed the lesson but haven’t sent us your picture yet, please email it to us –

We hope to have confirmation soon that we have broken the record by having more than 10,000 people accessing the lesson. 

Well done everybody and fingers crossed that we did it!

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Draw With Rob –

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More Amazing Work from Home and in School (+VE Day Celebrations)

Posted by Grosvenornews on Friday May 8, 2020 Under Curriculum
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