Mrs Doherty’s Y2 Class Visit to the Staircase House.

Posted by Grosvenornews on Tuesday Mar 10, 2020 Under Curriculum

Today Y2 went on a trip to the Staircase House in Stockport. We learned that this house is 500 years old! It is similar to the houses that were burnt down in the Great Fire of London!

The children dressed up as King Charles II, Samuel Pepys, maids, soldiers and a Link Boy (a Link Boy carried a lantern and escorted wealthy people around the dark streets of London, to keep them safe).

Do you know what date the Great Fire of London took place? Do you know what time the fire started and the name of the person responsible? How long did the fire burn for? Where did all the people live after the Great Fire? Y2 know the answers to all these questions!

Staircase House

King Charles II
King Charles and Samuel Pepys
Jane, Samuel Pepys Maid
The Link Boy with King Charles, Samuel Pepys and Jane.
The soldiers and the maids.
Ringing the alarm.
Jane wakes up Samuel Pepys to tell him the fire is getting very close!
Samuel Pepys writes in his diary.

Baking biscuits for the Navy in Pudding Lane.

Putting out the fire.

The Link Boy

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