More Amazing Work from Home and in School (+VE Day Celebrations)

Posted by Grosvenornews on Friday May 8, 2020 Under Curriculum

5 Responses to “More Amazing Work from Home and in School (+VE Day Celebrations)”

  1. Mrs Heys Says:

    What a busy week you have all had ! I am really impressed with all the work that was done to celebrate VE Day. I can see that you all made the best of the beautiful weather we have had and took some of your learning outside. Stay safe.

  2. Mrs Lomas Says:

    Brilliant VE Day celebrations in school and at home. What a great photograph of the flock of ducklings, keep your eyes out for them as they have been seen crossing roads too! Also I like the tyre swing in the playground! I am enjoying looking at all your home learning activities and seeing your smiles. Keep washing your hands.

  3. Mrs Lomas Says:

    Wonderful outside and inside learning to be seen. Well done. Great VE Day celebrations too.

  4. Miss. Boardman Says:

    Lovely to see lots of creative learning. I particularly enjoyed seeing Frankie gardening, well done! I like your rainbow too.

  5. Miss Livesey Says:

    These are wonderful photographs! I can see how busy you have all been. I am so glad you are all enjoying the sunshine so much, and it is lovely to see you all learning about VE day. Very impressive! I love the tree swing, that looks like so much fun. Keep up the good work and keep having lots of fun!

    Miss Livesey 🙂

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