Nursery at Puccinis

Posted by grosvenornews on Wednesday Jun 21, 2017 Under EYFS

Mrs Tinkler’s class had a fantastic time at Puccini’s Restaurant on Tuesday.

We travelled down on the bus, then rolled up our sleeves, cleaned our hands and made our very own pizzas.

Mr Pucci and his staff made us feel so welcome and helped us to create our masterpieces which we then ate.  Our parent helpers even got chance to make their own pizzas too! Phoebe managed to eat ALL her pizza! After that we had ice cream, then a wee, then back to school.

We all said  thank you to Mr Pucci and his staff and gave them a big clap.

The staff and parents were very proud of all the children who behaved beautifully and were excellent pizza chefs!

Thank you again to our brilliant parent helpers and Puccini’s for a wonderful day.

3 Responses to “Nursery at Puccinis”

  1. Alfie w 5IS Says:

    I bet you had a nice time.

  2. Natalie Birmingham Says:

    What a wonderful school trip it was and a pleasure to help! Well done Phoebe!!

  3. Jayne Atkinson Says:

    Wonderful! Well done children

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